Treat your home and yourself with a new carpet

Carpet is a warm, versatile flooring option that is a popular choice in UK homes as well as in many commercial buildings. A new carpet can bring a touch of luxury to a bedroom, elegance to a living room and a warm welcome to an entrance hall.

When choosing a new carpet the first things that spring to mind are generally colour and design. Whilst both are important there is more to consider. Much of the versatility that carpet offers comes from the choice of materials and textures.

A choice of fibres to suit you and your budget

The premium fibre for carpet is wool. It is soft, retains its appearance, long-lasting as well as having sound and heat insulation properties. In addition to this it is naturally flame retardant and sustainably sourced. As you would expect, with all these benefits, it tends to be more expensive than other fibres available.

The alternatives are man-made: nylon, polyester and polypropylene. These can be a good value option particularly for high traffic areas or those more likely to get damaged such as children’s bedrooms. Synthetics are all stain resistant and durable and like wool are insulating.

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